Pre-spring 2023 love letters with Modström

For our Pre-Spring 2023 collection we are inspired by the idea of young love A time of excitement and joy that makes you daydream of a pink colored future full of romantic gestures, like writing a love letter to your heart’s desire. Writing to your love, like Ernest Hemingway did to his lifetime crush Marlene Dietrich, reflecting their deep feelings and flirtatious relationship through their letters, the two wrote each other for several years but never ended up together. Marlene Dietrich was an inspiring woman being head of her time in so many ways, she was a public bisexual woman, not afraid of being her true self and dressing exactly how she wanted, which was sometime in a men’s tuxedo and other times in very extraordinaire feminine dresses. Inspired by Marlene’s bold choices we combine elegant light satin dresses with jacquard blouses and glittery knits in a beautiful contrast to sculptural fitted blazers, edgy tiger striped dresses and cool ribbed knits. A powerful yet soft color palette is an important look for this collection. Combining Bright Ocean blue with dusty violet and soft moonstone yellow – or the strong elegant red making a joyful mix together with Cosmos pink and the sophisticated Espresso brown. All bound together with the classic midnight blue and calm beige and white tones. Spreading love and joy with our graphic pinstripe inspired love print also if you look closely, you will see hearts everywhere - Capturing the essence of Marlene with strong prints of tiger stripes and bold flowers. Taking cues from the intoxicating feeling of being in love and the look of Marlene Dietrich, who was a beautiful strong woman an extraordinaire performer and actress, this collection is all about feeling silly and sometimes a little crazy, getting dressed up every day, showing your best self, just hoping to see your love.

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